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Amy McMillin

Vocal Coach

Piano Keys
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Singing Lessons:


Amy is a classically trained singer with 30+ years of live performance experience singing in choirs, classic rock bands, weddings, and church bands, as well as 6+ years in voice training!

Some accomplishments include:

  • Singing at many venues, clubs, and parties around Southern California from 1983-1990, including places like Gazzarri’s and Mount Baldy Lodge.

  • Organizing and overseeing 30+ successful recitals over 6 years.

  • Improving the tone, breathing, and note recognition of many students.

"Are Singing Lessons right for me?":

  • Most people are not "tone deaf," but just lack the proper training.

  • With the right guidance and plenty of practice, almost anyone can learn to sing!

What to expect:

  • Singing lessons with Amy will include learning warm ups, proper singing technique, and coaching on the songs you want to sing!

Our lesson space is located at our home studio in Norco, CA.

Price: $35 Per Lesson

Normal lessons run 30 minutes. Please contact for details on 60 minute lessons.

Piano Lesson

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Our Lesson Space:


  • We host optional (but highly encouraged!) recitals throughout the year to give students the opportunity to perform for friends and family so you can show off your progress!

  • Recitals give you a clear goal to work towards as well as being a fun and fulfilling experience!

  • Separate recitals for children and adult students.

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