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How to Choose a Ukulele

Ukuleles don't differ much from one to another except for in body size. 

Here are the main sizes of Ukuleles

from smallest to largest:

  • Soprano

  • Concert

  • Tenor

  • Baritone

The size will also determine how deep or low the ukulele sounds in pitch. 

Image by Jr Korpa
Image by Samuel Ramos
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Ukulele Sizes


  • A pickup is an electronic component inside of the ukulele that allows it to send signal to an amplifier or sound system. 

  • Not all ukuleles have pickups and having one will usually increase the price, but if you plan on playing on a stage it is a convenient feature to have. 

  • Soprano and Concert are the most common sizes of ukuleles.

  • Smaller sizes are usually easier to play as well as being cheaper. Bigger sizes may sound "fuller"

  • For a beginner, a Soprano or Concert would be best. 

Click here to see my list of recommended Ukuleles.

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